Kiirtan - Baba Nam Kevalam

Kaosikii - The Dance of Mind Expansion

Neo Humanist Education

NHE, blends together the ancient values of highly evolved scientists with the fast advancements of modern science.  And expands the human love for humans to animals and plants.

Neohumanism is a holistic philosophical theory proposed by Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar to promote individual and collective progress. In this philosophy, universalism plays a central role. It claims to elevate humanism to the level of universalism.[1] It claims not to have any grouping intention.

Neohumanist Education (NHE) is firmly rooted in the philosophy and principles of Neohumanism, which stands for “the practice of love for all creation including plants, animals, and the inanimate world” as propounded by the Indian philosopher Shrii P.R. Sarkar. NHE incorporates a harmonious blending of oriental introversial philosophy and occidental extroversial science. Its methodology is flexible, creative, and culturally sensitive, making it adaptable to different cultures and parts of the world.

Faculty of Microvita​​

Microvita is a total New Science to be discovered and applied. We call upon the moralist of the world to unite together and make the best use of it for the welfare and progress of the future humanity.

Faculty of Future Economics

Probably the most challenging target for human beings is to create a strong and well knit economic system that can support an ever increasing human population in our Planet Earth.

Is PROUT up to this task?

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